Bumcello :: Cyril Atef & Vincent Ségal



CongopunQ on MySpace

Don't miss the incredible trance power of CongopunQ, Cyril Atef's musical playground besides Bumcello. Along with Constantin, Cyril gives all his magnetic and rythmic strength to blow your mind. Check them out on myspace.com/congopunQ


The great hip-hop band from the Bay Area strikes again with his new album: "The Craft". Cello has joined the crew for several years now and is featured on many of their albums.

Asterios Productions

Asterios Production is the tour organiser of Bumcello and many other great artists (Têtes Raides, Caceres, Beethova Obas...).


A great african music label. Lots of informations and audio to listen.

Piers Faccini

Let's meet Piers Faccini, an accomplished singer and painter. Vincent Ségal has many time works with him, in particular on his last album "Leave no trace".

Chocolate Genius

Chocolate Genis is a out of norm musician. His charisma makes his unmissable. He has played with Bumcello during the "Eurockéennes de Belfort" festival in France, in 2005.

Musique Post-Bourgeoise

Just give it a try


Myrtis' photos website, a great one.

The Pâte à Son

The Pâte à Son is a sound toy and compositional tool conceived to encourage musical experimentation.

Drag instruments, switches, and transporter pipes from the conveyor belt to the checkerboard above to make music. Rotate the pieces. Choose a melody. Change pitch, tempo and volume to fine-tune your composition.

Slackness Records

"Slackness Records" is DJ Shalom's website. DJ Shalom is known as an independant producer and goes along with Bumcello and Mathieu Chedid (-M-) for great tracks and recordings. Go and listen to his music !

RFI Musique

A must bookmark website about music from all over the world.


Great videos from Bumcello in live, on the "Radioceros" website.


A nice webzine about all kind of music.