Bumcello :: Cyril Atef & Vincent Ségal

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Nude for Love

A Byrne-Eno like tandem

A Byrne-Eno like tandem

« Like the Byrne-Eno tandem in the ‘80’s, Bumcello make a bed of hybrid music which they are happy to lie in […]instruments which take us by surprise and hypnotic vocals help their ultra-savvy and innocent dub-dada-oriental-spaghetti-contemporary-hip-hop […] set musical genres free... »


On their new album, "Nude for Love", Vincent Segal on electric cello and Cyril Atef on percussion allsorts improvise and disrupt musical genres. This is playfully zigzagging music which defies description.

On stage, Bumcello has his full strength. Using "head rush" (a kind of sampler), the two accomplices catch loops and multiply their instruments giving the impression they are five to ten people playing at once. Quickly you don't know what to listen to, who is playing what. Their music is both atmospheric and deeply funky.
Something like a fusion between a wild dance-floor and a music research institute.

Eliane Azoulay
19 avril 2002
Télérama n° 2727


"At start the project was called Drum'n Cello. It was for a concert at the Cithéa café in Paris. Everything was improvised". One year later the same duet is still playing in the same club. Nothing as changed but everything is different. They finally chose a common name : "Bumcello".
"Bum is the celestial odd man out", says Cyril. "Cello is my nickname because American musicians thought it was my name when I was in the States", add Vincent. "Vincent is rather cerebral when I am more wild" says Cyril. Those two guys met in the 1990's with "Olympic Gramofon", a jazzmen collective willing to create a new kind of swing. Vincent has both a classic musical education and a strong experience with non-European music's (Nana Vasconcelos...); Cyril has aptitudes for all kinds of music's, from African music's to French pop.

Since 1999 they have been playing wonderfully with their differences. Cruising through Dub, Drum'n Bass, house, jazz, techno, funk, oriental sounds, their music is indefinable. In 2000 they play with "-M-" (Mathieu Chédid) and win the French award for best band on tour.

Their new album, "Nude for Love", released in 2002, is diverse and colorfull; it's going to make you travel through worldwide rhythms, from hip-hop to dub, from Eastern Europe to Africa. You won't be disappointed by the trip.

Jacques Denis


"Bumcello" is the unique and metaphysical fusion of two musicians accustomed to play together, a sophisticated mix of percussion's and electric cello.
But why the Bumcello project? "We wanted a musical adventure, diving into new dimensions of sounds and rhythms, mixing opposite styles of music". Bumcello is between groove, ambient and urban music's, giving you the impression to travel from Teheran to Kinshasa, from Oakland to West Indies, for a world-tour of sounds, always keeping the groove alive.


'(...)It is the sheer density of this album, it’s telescoping of rhythm and sounds originating from all corners of the globe which is impressive. An almost inexhaustible source of sensation. »