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Bumcello & Co



"Leave no trace"

"Timeless yet of its time, it's a slow-burning build, there's nothing obvious or showy about the songs contained here.You might have to listen to this album twice to get it but once you have, guaranteed, you'll be listening to it again and again and at the risk of sounding cliched, it's an instant classic. Buy it - your grandchildren will be impressed."
Francesca Beard. [october 2004]


Seb Martel's (a.k.a "Las Ondas Marteles") is an old musical partner of Vincent Segal. Is album, "Ragalet", is just great. www.label-bleu.com

"12 fois par an"

The first Jeanne Cherhal's album, along with Vincent Ségal as musician and producer.


"Zenzile & Jamika meet Cello"

An amazing dub album that introduce cello as an unexpected but major dub instrument.


"Electric Gypsy Land"

The Crammed label has asked some of today's most interesting electronic music producers from the UK, Brazil, France, Turkey, the US, Yugoslavia, Chile, Germany and Belgium to create their own reinterpretation of tracks by Crammed's leading Balkan Gypsy bands such as Taraf de Haïdouks, Koçani Orkestar & newcomers Mahala Rai Banda. Bumcello is in !


"Qui de nous deux"

Cyril and Vincent once again with -M- on his third album


"Olympic Gramofon"

The album "Olympic Gramofon" has just been released on a new edition..
Discover the band that made Vincent Ségal and Cyril Atef meet for the first time, along with Julien Louraux, Seb Martel and DJ Shalom.
[april 2003]

"T-Bone Guarnerius"

duo album by Vincent Ségal

"I have always dreamt of recording an intimate album, able to reveal our erratic musician lifes. (...) Each duo is recorded 'on air' in my everyday's playgrounds."
[november 2002] This album is published by Label Bleu
You can find it on line at : Fnac.com / Alapage.com

"Ghetto Blaster, River Niger"

Cyril Atef is playing on this "Ghetto Blaster" album that gather ten years of Afro-Beat.
[juin 2003]

"Love Trap"

Vincent Ségal as renewed is collaboration with Susheela Raman on her album "Love Trap"
[april 2003]

"Black Orpheus"

Vincent Ségal on the new Keziah Jones' album !
[april 2003]

"Oranges Amères"

Cyril and Vincent worked with Enrico Macias on his new album.
[april 2003]

"In Touch"

Yves Robert's new album, with Cyril Atef and Vincent Courtois. "Many reasons to love this new album. Firstly is that we had to wait three years since the previous one, and patience makes the desire stronger. Secondly, Yves Robert choose the minimalist form of the trio, with Cyril Atef on drums and Vincent Courtois on cello. This fine tunning between those different musicians gives a great and tender sound(...)". Read the whole article (in French). An interview of Yves Robert (in French)

"Cruel Smile "

With the participation of Vincent Ségal "Despite a chaotic backgroud, Elvis Costellos stays a major figure of rock music for the last 25 years. A melodist who could have been the fifth Beatles. The large black glasses musician goes back to his roots (new wave / punk) to better prepare the future (...)" More info
Tracks to listen to


(...) after a promissing first album, Dupain is back with his mediterranean transe, now enriched by a bass player and the noticeable presence of Bumcello(...).
[may 2002]

"Blazing arrow"

Vincent Ségal has been deeply involved in the making of the new Blackalicious album. Have a look at the credits : "Vincent Ségal, the funkiest cello player I've ever met".
In return, the San Francisco crew made a amazing featuring on the"Nude for love" album, on the track "Beautiful You".
[april 2002]

"Story of Espion"

Vincent Ségal and his electic cello is present on many tracks of DJ Mehdi's first album. An "electro-hip-hop" travel.
[february 2002]


Bumcello has worked with Smadj to give birth to a music that mix "oud" sounds (North-Africa) with electro rythms. A great "invitation au voyage". [2002]

"Le 113 fout la merde"

Bumcello has made many rythmic arrangments on this "113 clan's album".

"Salt Rain "

Vincent Ségal along with Susheela Raman for her first album, "Salt Rain".
[ 2001]


Vincent Ségal playing with Steive Naïve. Don't miss it ! [2001]

"Le tour de M"

The best of -M- tour, along with Vincent and Cyril. Awarded as the best french band on tour in 2000. [2001]

"Je dis Aime"

The second album with -M-. [1999]

"Vic Moan"

Vic Moan is an amazing singer and composer. Here with Sebastien Martel on guitar, Cyril Atef on drums, Vincent Ségal on cello and Hilaire Penda on bass.
"Make love while listening to this album". [1998]

"Le baptême"

The first -M-'s album, already with Vincent. [1998]