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Cyril Atef

Cyril was born in 1968 in Berlin from a French mother and an Iranian father. He started drumming on his first trash cans at the age of three. He quickly took drums courses and gave his first show at eight.

At ten he moved with his parents to Los Angeles where he still practiced drums. He joined the Musician Institute (Percussion Institute of Technology) in 1984 for one year. He played with different bands: "Samaki and the Vibrations" (funk), "Collaborative Cultures" (world-funk) and sticked to the punk movement. A stay at the Berkley College Music of Boston in 1989 allowed him to strengthen his rhythmical knowledge.

After a tour in Europe with an Argentinean percussionist (Marcello Rossi) and two Brazilian musicians, he settled in Paris in 1990. He starts playing with different artists such as Princess Erika, Yves Robert, "The incredible Jungle Beat", the "Orchestre National de Barbčs", Cheb Mami, Aswad, Wankatao, Rido Bayonne, Rai Kum, Cheb Sahraoui et Chaba Fadela, Mama Ohandja, Illouz Quintet, Garland Jeffrey...

Discography (non exhaustive) :

- Yves Robert Trio Three albums, including "In Touch" (2003, ECM) and "Eté"(1999, Polydor).
- Princess Erika. Two albums (Polydor).
- L'Incroyable Jungle Beat. Three albums (Fair Play).
- Bruno Mamam. One track (Fnac Music).
- La Kémia. Project with Mehdi Haddab and Antoine Illouz (Gamlan, Scalen)
- Cornelius Claudio Kreusch. "Scoop" (Act).

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Cyril AtefCyril AtefCyril Atef