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AL Bumcello
New Bumcello's album is available. On iTunes and everywhere else !

Viva Riva
Cyril Atef has composed the soundtrack of "Viva Riva", the first film produced in Congo for the last 25 years.
Tracks are available here: www.amazon.fr/Bande-originale-Bonus-Track-Version/dp/B007RFVFC8

Chamber Music : Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Ségal
Chamber Music : Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Ségal
One bare room, three recording-sessions in Salif Keita's studio and the protective cocoon of the Mali night. Sheltered from the agitation of mankind, Sissoko and Segal chased out of their minds everything that can distance a musician from his art to concentrate on the essence: the interlacing of their inner song.
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Le premier album de Congopunq est disponible !!! Congopunq est le projet solo de Cyril Atef : une indescriptible transe dadaïste qui vous emmènera loin, loin, loin...
Plus d'info sur www.myspace.com/congopunq et une vidéo sur la blogothèque

Le dernier album de Bumcello : "Lychee Queen", avec des invités prestigieux, tels que Magic Malik, Blackalicious, Mama Ohandja, Tommy Jordan et Chocolat Genius.

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Live tracks to listen and download

You can find audio tracks to download on the website. More will be added in the future.

New live videos

Some new videos are online : the unplugged concert of Bumcello at the "Europeen" in Paris.

On the video section

Bumcello in South America

Bum & Cello just come back from a tour in South America. They played in Saint-Domingue, Haïti and Lima.

have a look !

Bumcello in Egypt

From their trip in Egypt, Bumcello brought us back some videos.
Seven short movies to discover on the "see" section of the site. Enjoy !

Animal Sophistiqué

The new Bumcello's album has been released by the end of 2005. It's a hit that makes you travel through time and space, both around the world and inside you.

The album is available in limited collection. A must have collector !

To listen to some tracks, go to the listen section of the site.

"Get Me": new release

A second edition of the double LP live, "Get Me", has been released.
Get it !

The Craft

Blackalicious has released "The Craft", a fine hip-hop jewel that will fullfill your hears. Once again, Vincent Ségal has played with them, on cello, guitar and piano.
Blackalicious gives a nice credit to Vincent on their website. Check it out : www.blackalicious.com.

Papa porte une robe

An audio book, by Maya and Piort Barsoni, with an original soundtrack of Bumcello, has been released.
The story of a boxer reconverted as a cabaret danser, wearing a dress.
Edition Seuil.